Exposed Asians

o    So you’re here because you want to know who made the Asian Burn Book, who made all the Anti-Asian accounts and who is the fake account. Please remember one thing, this person MADE the burn book but ANYONE could post in it.

The girl that made all the accounts such as @AsianTweetersUK etc and all the hate accounts made against me (@toyken) telling me such things that my mother should go die of cancer, is »»» @Aieshaaaa. don’t worry all evidence will follow. And the fake account? Oh you must already know who that is, right? @E_Huez, that Italian guy, yeah you knew it but I will bring forward all the evidence.

And the burn book? Oh well that was your favourite girl »» @Zaaay_

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone that contributed in helping figure these people out and brought forward all the evidence, you know who you are and I don’t know if you want naming.

I suspected something dodgy going on with ‘Ant’ (@E_Huez) from the start and there was something always not quite right with @Aieshaaaa but I sort of left it until I had time. The moment this girl went IN at Ant and accused him of being fake (yes many people have accused him) things started to click (I don’t remember who you are girl but THANK YOU) And it got worse, I woke up in the middle of the night as i wasn’t part of this beef, as soon as I did @Aieshaaaa DM’d me basically desperate to know that I believe Ant is real, proper begging it so that is when I was like hmmmmmm.

Evidence of Ant being fake, he was created by @Aieshaaaa:

-Whenever anyone accused him, he never proved himself, why not just take a picture with a piece of paper with your twitter name on? Why not just show a REAL video? Just prove it like I have before, like Faeza has before, like others have…it will shut everyone up and embarrass them. But NO he felt no need to.

-Check twitvid for @E_Huez vids, if they are still there. They are so not evidence at all, so lame.

-Fake pictures *yawn*, the only thing that made him real was the fact @Aieshaaaa said she knew him in real life, don’t go lying now thanks.

-I thought how the fuck could @Aieshaaaa manage two accounts both on her iphone, Ant has a BB though. She has both clearly. They both come in at the same time always and attack and cause drama together, pathetic.

-Ant said he liked football and supported Man Utd (as I do), he knows fuck all about football LMAO, I cannot even deal he knows literally NOTHING just like @Aieshaaaa

-He said he is going to wireless festival for the weekend to camp. NO ANT, it isn’t a camping festival.

-Ant kept blocking people that accused him. As soon as @Aieshaaaa realised that I knew, she was like ‘we will come see you this summer’ (a line she has used on many to try and get their number), I managed to dodge giving my number as obviously after this is seen it will be posted everywhere. They were gonna ring me when they knew I was gonna be at slam dunk fest and won’t be able to answer their call cos that is the only time they were ‘together’.

-Ant refused to skype with me or face time or anything AT ALL. He tried to dodge it at ALL times. He said he doesn’t have to prove anything then goes on a big rant.

-As soon as I messaged Faeza (yeah she won’t mind been mentioned cos she figured out that @Aieshaaaa has been giving her loads of shit on tumblr) she felt she was paranoid but gave me more evidence and her views etc, I asked others and everyone feels the same.

-Ant deactivated a few days after Aiesha recently after much debate about fake accounts with me through DM’s as obviously they were both on to me by my indirects etc

-As soon as I and others realised this you noticed how much Ant tweeted like a fucking paki girl, so TYPICAL honestly it was ridiculous. It was NOT an Italian boy.

-I told Aiesha something through DM and Ant happened to know it too, she kept making small mistakes and slipping up on these accounts. We also suspect another person of running the account with Aiesha but we will leave that one for now as we are not entirely sure about her (you know who you are)

-Someone suspected that his basketball tweets whilst watching the game were a bit strange, they figured out (thanks, you know who you are) that they are all here »»

Copied and pasted nicely.

-Also, telling people you’re going to meet them and changing last minute a lot of times to people on twitter isn’t good at all. Also having to quickly change the uni you go to as you figure someone else lives near or goes to the same is a shit idea too.

-Any of the Italian he used was all copied and pasted too (thank you to the girl that figured that out)

Moving on to Aiesha creating all the anti-asian accounts.

-Firstly, Aiesha used to DM people all the time wanting to nosey into their lives and know the ‘gossip’ etc and I realised a few people that were on to her were speaking to her less and less. -I knew something was dodgy with these accounts so I tested Aiesha and ‘Ant’ (who I knew were the same people by now), I fed them false information in DM’s about random ‘relevant’ people on Asian twitter. This slowly seeped out on these accounts. But there was this ONE moment she baited herself out to me, I told her something that i had not told anyone else, so ONLY she would know about someone on here (false obviously) but it was HUGE. This person tweeted @AsianTweetersUK saying something along the lines of ‘LOOOOL COME AT ME’ and all that shit, and they were like ‘YOU ARE THE WORST UNDERCOVER ON HERE, I WILL RUIN YOU HAHAHA’, then I knew it for sure that it was her because it was I who had fed her that information and ONLY her.

-Furthermore, this account (which was all about taking the piss out of boys and sticking up for girls) RT’d Aiesha when she tweeted ‘YEAH GURL POWER GET AT THESE PAKI BOYS’, but then why would this account start tweeting abuse to the girl that Aiesha had beef with STRAIGHT AFTER claiming to be all about girl power? And then they start bigging up Ant on this ASIAN TWEETERS account even though he isn’t asian.

-One of my friends on twitter tweeted ‘I know what’s going on’, he figured it was all Aiesha as she started hating on and tweeting @YuBeach through these anti-asian accounts and we ALLLLLL know about their beef (so yeah @YuBeach, allow that basic bitch because she can say NOTHING now) -I was obviously pissed off, knowing all this was going on and I was getting so much shit. Don’t know what this girl had against me as I thought we got along.

-Basically Aiesha knew I knew something and kept making fake accounts over and over again hating on me to think I’ll stop telling me such things that my mother should die of cancer etc and LOADSSSS of psycho stuff (I think she takes angry paki girl to another level and needs help)

-Aiesha deactivates all of a sudden and DM’s me off her private account (who has 2 twitter accounts?) yet again trying to get my number, so I avoid this but then it gave me an idea. I knew someone on twitter that she spoke to over the phone so I went and told him everything. He always thought the same thing all along that she made the burn book cos she is a bit of a psycho.

-Aiesha constantly going on about hating this and hating that, going on about cyber relationships (when I have found out she has had one) *pauses for laughter*, so basically I figured she was making all these accounts as she was self loathing.

-But what I didn’t understand was ‘does she actually hate me’, I got told by this same person, he was surprised when we were tweeting each other etc cos she is known to hate me (explains a lot), so obviously she hates me more cos she knows I have figured all this out. Aiesha deactivates all of a sudden (DM’S me through her private account saying she will be back by 2nd June. I’m writing this at 17.30pm 2nd June and she isn’t back yet), she could be by the time you read this though unless she has totally gone. This ‘Ant’ thing figured and has disappeared off the face of twitter.

-Before ‘Ant’ went he was over DM dying to know what is going on, talking like Aiesha etc

-I had tumblr for like a week before I deleted it as I was just getting anon hate…from her…ip addresses help you know. I noticed as soon as Aiesha went that lots of people were getting less anon hate eg. Faeza, Imaan etc, coincidence? Na, you know by this point of reading it isn’t.

-Aiesha and Ant ‘fell out’ as far as I last know of, it’s obvious she was trying to get rid of that fake account, it started tweeting less etc, slowly fizzled out into nothing.

-Then it all came together through DM’s the other night. Someone that is REAL, that me and Aiesha both follow, DM’d me (clearly Aiesha had been in touch with her), long story short; Aiesha was in contact in some way wanting her to beg me to know for sure who it is and what I’m doing. WHY DOESN’T AIESHA JUST COME ON OR THIS ANT THING? WHAT HAVE THEY GOT TO HIDE? Exactly, everything to hide.

she posted everything from all the anti-asian accounts though and made a whole little life for this Ant guy-sad and pathetic


Edit: (I add this on 3rd June at 14:30pm) I have had Aiesha shouting and screaming loads of shit to me through her 2nd account (@Dollyy92), I guess the real her has come out. (If shit hits the fan with her returning today then screenshots may be produced)



And moving on to the burn book - @Zaaay_

We all know what an arrogant bitch she is, full of herself. We know the drama with her.


Let me start with what she tweeted me off this account:

This account @sillycunts tweeted me this twitlonger:

'I am the person who has created the Burn Book and other accounts. Truth be told, I've hardly ever tweeted your or those part of your 'crew'…I usually lurk or stalk your tweets - sad, I know. I made the Burn Book but whatever people posted on there was not my responsibility, it's your followers or friends having things to say about you…to deal with this insecurity, find them not come after me. Anyway, the main reason I am sending you (and the rest) this message is because lately I have been seeing tweets about you guys exposing some girl or fake account you believe to be behind all this and the hate being sent. I'm going to clarify that first of all, I am NOT female. I am of Asian heritage, yes. You are working on some “evidence” and have “IP logs” which is clearly bullshit because I have proof I did this through screenshots. I just hope you do not ruin someone's life, credibility or reputation . By all means go ahead, but just know at the end of the day the girl or persons you are targetting is innocent of this. You may think this calling the bluff as this girl to make myself look innocent except it honestly has nothing to do with her. In fact, I'm not denying she could be a fake account or could have sent you all hate…as you claim to have some evidence so she could be carrying out a campaign to discredit various of your followers by sending out nasty thing but I can confirm, swear on anyone in my family's life that you are on false leads regarding to me and the creator of the burn booksetc. Anyhow, good luck and carry on because in the end, you will make yourself look stupid. '


And the things are honest here because we know she thrives off the drama (notice how she got involved with the whole drama I had before for no reason, I was like who the fuck is she?)

- ‘I am of Asian heritage’- YES, we know you think you are better than all the rest of us asians because you are a special one.

-“IP logs”- NOBODY mentioned IP logs or anything in that phrasing, @Zaaay_ has many a time on twitter done so.

-Honestly on a HUGE level, the burn book isn’t my main concern cos she/they/whoever shared that account at the time made it, BUT OTHERS POSTED IN IT REMEMBER, ANYONE CAN POST IN IT.


Ok, furthermore, that video verified all. Her hands match her hands in the pictures and her pictures on facebook. We have handwriting that matches them and also that room, yeah don’t post pictures on facebook with it cos all asians happen to have mutual friends.

-That video with the scream mask IS HER LOL (and if it ISN’T her, the person is irrelevant but the amount of people that have come forward from knowing her in real life say it is a typical thing she would do as she is a psycho and they are finally happy she will be exposed as they cannot take her any longer)

-Also, she has been stalking my twitter, we do not follow each other and been the first to RT stuff, toying with this whole thing and loving it.

-And now we come to the MAIN 100% EVIDENCE, someone lied to Zaaay and said that the police had been rung and only them and the person would know about this, but the account was deactivated and taken away and everything as soon as they found out…fishy? And this is it, Zaaay TOLD SOMEONE IN REAL LIFE. I have the conversations print screened but I am not here to cause drama between friends so I will write stuff here:


‘…the reason why I thought it was because the day after it happened I said oh the people that were in it were pissed and said they were going to get the police involved and she almost look worried and looked at zara. Then I asked oh was it you guys they say yeah…’ and the conversation goes on from there with @Zaaay_ saying it was a joke etc

-No lie, the burn book thing turned a corner recently and I was added into a four way convo with Zainab and Zara on whatsapp (they used to both share the @Zaaay_ account I think?) and everything was very obvious. The aggressiveness of us figuring it out was beyond crazy and watch out for the ‘I have a heart problem so if I get shit tomorrow I do not know what I will do’«« This was the icing on the cake. The names mentioned in this convo about who grassed them up matched mine. Everything matched up and clicked and she was like ‘I will go down as a legend so I don’t care’ TO ‘don’t you dare allow anyone tweeting me shit tomorrow’




Anyway, when I initially confronted her it was casj denying, when she knew I was gonna write about her it was like I CANNOT DEAL COS OF MY HEART CONDITION- ok fair, you have a heart condition, but why is this coming out now you know? Why did you start all the drama on twitter before if you cannot handle it? I am not here for bull shit excuses as YOU TOLD SOMEONE.  She can deny it all she wants but she shit herself when she thought the police was involved so confessed, end of. And we were supposed to get a new video right from you? But you were too busy giving shit to me ;), multi-tasking isn’t all that for you I guess.


Before this was of no concern to her and her friends but NOW all of a sudden they won’t stop going on about, they are getting ‘a team’ ready, Zaaay needs to know that the same people tweeting her today in support are the people that are lying to you. Why do you have to come out and announce you didn’t do it and I am gonna write about it when I was so nice and told you time and time again I wasn’t going to?

As soon as you knew I had a family solicitor over this harassment the last few days your friends start being nice to me…why the fuck would they do that?

Then what happened today, an account ‘AnonAsian_’ tweets saying they made the burn book AND the fake accounts, well isn’t that a bit impossible since we all know Ant and the asiantweetersUK etc were made by Aiesha?? Zaaay and her friends slip up there.

Furthermore, Zaaay, your own friend that has been supporting you through all this doubted you really heavily last night and now all of a sudden she doesn’t…it is like she knows…

The fact that Zaaay and her friends have gone from not caring and saying ‘not knowing’ about the burn book is the most bait thing ever, obviously as well as Zaaay admitting it in real life to friends and also people saying it is the type of thing she will do.

The burn book also DM’d someone to tell them it was me that made it (right after I had beef with Zaaay)

Now my family solicitor has told me to block these as soon as this is posted and you can do whatever you like with it, but I AM and WILL BE waiting for more fake accounts coming out saying ‘I did it, she didn’t’ ETC ETC, that will happen from her or even from any pathetic asians that want to get involved. Look at her tweets today, if she didn’t do it why is she begging people over whatsapp to be on her side? Why is she begging all? Why do her friends care so much all of a sudden when they said they don’t wanna be involved? Why are your friends scared of all this evidence? Why get scared when you think the police are involved? Why do your own friends think it is something you are capable of? And why, oh why did you tell someone you did it? WHY?


And why am I getting added into these whatsapp convo’s? What are you and your friends so scared of? You guys will see her deny it of course, even though it was started whoever made it is a ‘LEGEND’ but not it has all changed because everyone is figuring it out. DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER.


Even as I type this I am forever getting added into whatsapp convos with her crew saying ‘we’re so confused’ ‘check this new account saying it isn’t zaaay’


EVERYTHING DONE IS SO BAIT IT IS UNREAL. If you guys cannot see this then you are so blind.

I really hope much hasn’t been missed off, things probably have but oh well. Just watch this Zaaaay go from the hard tough bitch that goes around calling everyone ugly and saying she is superior to everyone to be making you feel sorry for her. Watch it happen.


I have took advice and will be blocking these girls. I am done now. Do what you want with all this, my main concern wasn’t the burn book anyway.



So basically, @Zaaay_ created the burn book. BUT I don’t even care about that as my main concern was all the shit @Aieshaaaa was doing on your lots tumblrs hate and the fake accounts and the creation of @E_Huez (they have magically disappeared from twitter BTW, yes she had conversations with herself)




There you have it »» @E_Huez is fake made by @Aieshaaaa who is behind most tumblr hate you get and all the anti-asian hate accounts and @Zaaay_ made the burn book (but anyone was open to write in it)


If shit goes down tonight then I will seek every permission possible to use screenshots. Be warned.